Luigi Galligani

capturing the poetic beauty

Galligani’s work has been collected across four continents. He’s been widely exhibited and his work can be viewed in banks, museums and other institutions throughout Italy. He works primarily with bronze and terra cotta. Luigi Galligani’s impressive collection of sculptures carries on the legacy of ancient storytelling and mythology. From his captivating Venus to his seductive series of sirens, Galligani has devoted much of his craft to the human figure and capturing the poetic beauty of the mythological nude. The result is a mesmerizing collection of classical subjects, molded by modern perspective. Although born in the same region that gave birth to the Italian Renaissance, Galligani expresses a greater fascination with the Mediterranean and Greek mythology. His collection represents a number of mythological characters and stories, calling to mind themes of seduction, vengeance, passion and death. His pieces are commanding yet graceful and as alluring as the myth of the siren’s song which he so beautifully recreates.

Luigi Galligani at the Kurhaus

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